Change Leadership

Changing an organisations capability to deliver strategy and performance

There are times when businesses have to face up to the need for a significant change in their organisation's capability as a result of new strategies and performance pressures. Organisational capabilities can drive the achievement of desired results - or block them. A priority might be to enter a new market and a goal to achieve substantial growth in market share within a year. However, if the business has little experience in the market and a poor track record in entering new markets this goal will be hard to achieve in the timescale.

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In 2012 our aim has been to progress our thinking and practise in change leadership to better serve our clients. Our research, "Leading change in uncertain time: Are you ready? Is your organisation ready?" was initiated for that very reason. If you lead change in your organisation and are interested in how other organisations are responding to the uncertainties they face, click above and take a few minutes to hear key insights gained from our recent research. An article will also be published this summer and will be available via our website.  

Here are a few examples of organisation critical challenges that we have worked alongside our clients in various sectors to tackle:

  • Building a powerful and unifying brand in the minds of employees and customers
  • Mobilising leaders and the workforce to focus on new performance imperatives
  • Enabling a new pan-European business structure to improve consistency, reduce duplication and deliver focused business solutions with local units
  • Improving decision-making and accountability to execute  business plans
  • Creating a culture to support the delivery of growth and a doubling of profitability
  • Organising the corporate centre to support value creation in the businesses
  • Maintaining market leadership and improving profitability by re-organising to enhance customer value and productivity

We work as expert guides with our clients to:

  • Review the situation and mobilise organisational leaders
  • Create the organisational change agenda, plans and priorities
  • Develop and deliver global conferences to create shared goals
  • Design and facilitate the required learning and change
  • Sustain momentum until changes are embedded
  • Evaluate progress, learn from experience and recognise success

The result of our work with business leaders in this area is real and lasting change in organisational capability to drive performance and deliver strategic change.


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