What We Do

Our clients engage us to help them resolve challenges that can vary widely in nature - if not in significance. In each case, whilst the tools and methodologies are chosen specifically for their suitability for the requirements of the project, they are underpinned by a common set of essential, and fundamental, Value Partnership attributes, including:

  • bringing insight and deep experience to bear on the problem and the solution alike
  • understanding their concerns; we've stood in their shoes
  • understanding their business - and the issues it faces - in depth
  • ensuring that the outcome drives the process, not vice versa
  • working alongside clients in a genuine partnership, with their best interests and outcomes at heart

Discover more about our work in the following areas: Change Leadership, Executive Teams, Developing Leaders, Business Partnering.



Embedding a new business model for children's charity I CAN

Value Partnership was recently sponsored to work with children's communication charity, I CAN. Find out how our consultants helped the CEO and her Leadership Team to execute their business model and hear from our sponsor, Susan Hitch and the CEO, Virginia Beardshaw. 

The CEO Squeeze

Read our latest blog as we embark on new research into the CEO Squeeze...and if you would like to take part, please get in touch.

Leading Change in Uncertain Times - Read the complete set of our research reports

We have now completed our series of 4 research reports - we'd love to hear your feedback.

You can also watch a video presentation, which highlights some of our research findings.

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Consultant Search: Join our team

As part of our growth vision for Value Partnership, we are continuing to build the capacity of our core team and are currently looking for an experienced new consultant who can contribute to the leadership of the practice.